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Posted on Septemeber 20, 2015 at 10:00 PM

Hello friends, welcome to StudyMech.

You may easily notice that this portal is specifically dedicated to mechanical engineering field. And, this is the first blog post to give you a short introduction to what this website is going to do for you. In fact, the right question would be, what new you are going to get here? So, lets start with the idea that (probably) the branch of mechanical engineering is the soul of almost all the modern world developments which we are enjoying. It all started thousands of years ago with the shaping of stones and invention of wheel, and today the world is touching hyper-sonic systems (Mach >5 i.e. systems having more than five times of speed of sound in air). If you look closely you will find various production techniques along with the mechanics of solids and design of machines and mechanical vibrations and heat transfer and fluid mechanics and material science and I can go on...in everything which is making our life much simpler and awesome.

The sole aim of the StudyMech is that to let everyone know, in fact not only know but feel that mechanical engineering is fun, intuitively original and an extremely amazing field!!! Another myth which we would like to burst is that as a user of StudyMech, you are not supposed to be a mechanical engineer (well, if you are one then your learning may be quicker). We at StudyMech are here to ensure that everyone learns here something new related to the dynamic field of mechanical engineering.

We are determined to bring you the crux of anything which can be important to a core mechanical engineer guy. We will be updating you with the basic fundamental questions, jobs (currently we are focusing only on the Indian region for job updates), learning resources, latest cool research developments and career options related to the mechanical engineering. So keep visiting us and always remember...Mech Rocks!!!

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